rackmount 4U RM42300 6*5.25 & 6*3.5

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מק"ט יצרן: RM42300H01-12187
מק"ט צג עליתה: שם מוצר מצב
rackmount 4U RM42300 6*5.25 & 6*3.5

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Supports M/B up to 12” x 9.6”

Available for rackmount and stand-alone installation

Dedicated 80 mm fan for HDD cooling

Truly isolated anti-vibration design on internal HDD and drive cages

Card retainer to hold low profile and full height add-on cards

Front 120mm fan with filter for add-on card cooling

Optional second 3 x 5.25” drive cage for maximum configuration flexibility

Supports 1-door or 2-door front bezel configuration

Supports 1200W (1+1) 2U CRPS module (w/ housing and PDB)

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