Gigabyte G293-Z42 HPC/AI Server – AMD EPYC™ 9004 – 2U DP 8 x PCIe Gen5 GPUs

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Gigabyte G293-Z42 HPC/AI Server - AMD EPYC™ 9004 - 2U DP 8 x PCIe Gen5 GPUs

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Powering the Next Generation of Server Architecture and Energy Efficiency

The path to AMD’s 5nm ‘Zen 4’ architecture was paved with many successful generations of EPYC innovations and chiplet designs, and AMD EPYC 9004 Series processors continue this progression. Adding a host of new features to target a wide range of workloads, the new family of EPYC processors will deliver even better CPU performance and performance per watt, and do so on a platform with 2x the throughput of PCIe 4.0 lanes that also has support for 50% more memory channels. For this new platform, GIGABYTE has products ready to get the most out of EPYC-based systems that support fast PCIe Gen5 accelerators and Gen5 NVMe drives, in addition to support for high performant DDR5 memory.

4th Gen AMD EPYC Processors for SP5 Socket


Compute density increased with more transistors packed in less space

128CPU cores

Dedicated cores and targeted workloads for Zen 4c & Zen 4 cores

Large L3cache

Select CPUs have 3x or more L3 cache for technical computing


All 9004 series processors are supported on one platform


Memory capacity can achieve 6TB per socket


Increased memory throughput and higher DDR5 capacity per DIMM

PCIe 5.0lanes

Increased IO throughput achieving 128GB/s bandwidth in PCIe x16 lanes

CXL 1.1+support

Disaggregated compute architecture possible via Compute Express Link

Select GIGABYTE for the AMD EPYC 9004 platform

Accelerator Computing

High Performance

Servers and motherboards by GIGABYTE are tested to ensure peak performance for demanding CPU workloads. All the latest technology is supported.


Compute Density

One single socket solution can outperform many dual CPU servers. Dual socket models also support 192 cores in a 1U chassis. More compact performance.


Fast & Stable Connectivity

Keeping pace with the challenges for next gen technology, well designed GIGABYTE boards provide users the signal integrity for PCIe 5.0



Our building block design allows new models to quickly come to market. And users can now have BMC on a OCP module customized by GIGABYTE.



AMD and GIGABYTE have maintained a healthy relationship that values shared knowledge in order to get the latest technology into data centers.


Optimal Price

Our broad portfolio of products and models allows customers to only select the features they require while doing so at a lower TCO.

G293-Z42-AAP1 Product Overview

G293-Z42-AAP1 Block Diagram

High Performance

Support Various Computing Accelerators

GIGABYTE servers have been tested and validated across a range of workloads with various computing accelerators designed to deliver high levels of performance for 3D rendering, deep learning and high-performance computing, which enables content creators, data scientists, researchers, and engineers to tackle challenges that were once impossible.

GPU Accelerator
GPU Accelerator
FPGA Accelerator
ASIC Accelerator

Power Efficiency

Automatic Fan Speed Control

GIGABYTE servers are enabled with Automatic Fan Speed Control to achieve the best cooling and power efficiency. Individual fan speeds will be automatically adjusted according to temperature sensors strategically placed in the servers.

High Availability

Smart Ride Through (SmaRT)

To prevent server downtime and data loss as a result of loss of AC power, GIGABYTE implements SmaRT in all our server platforms. When such an event occurs, the system will throttle while maintaining availability and reducing power load. Capacitors within the power supply can supply power for 10-20ms, which is enough time to transition to a backup power source for continued operation.

Smart Crises Management and Protection (SCMP)

SCMP is a GIGABYTE patented feature which is deployed in servers with non-fully redundant PSU design. With SCMP, in the event of faulty PSU or overheated system, the system will force the CPU into an ultra-low power mode that reduces the power load, which prevents the system from unexpected shutdown and avoids component damage or data loss.

Dual ROM Architecture

If the ROM that stores the BMC and BIOS fails to boot, the system will reboot with the backup BMC and/or BIOS replacing the primary. Once the primary BMC is updated, the ROM of the backup BMC will automatically update the backup through synchronization. For the BIOS, it can be updated based on user’s choice of firmware version.

Hardware Security

Optional TPM 2.0 Module

For hardware-based authentication, the passwords, encryption keys, and digital certificates are stored in a TPM module to prevent unwanted users from gaining access to your data. GIGABYTE TPM modules come in either a Serial Peripheral Interface or Low Pin Count bus.

User Friendly

Tool-less Drive Bays Design

Clipping mechanism secures the drive in place. Install or replace a new drive in seconds.