Tzag-elita – One Step Ahead


Tzag-Elita Computer Systems Ltd was founded in 1997 (continuing previous activities since
1985) as an integration service provider, and as one of the largest, most experienced
computer and computer accessory importers in Israel. The company offers a broad range of
IT products and solutions. The company operates in compliance with the international ISO
9001:2015 standard for product and service quality assurance.


Our High Performance Computing department specializes in offering GPU-based solutions
for Deep Learning and Machine Learning applications. Although Tzag serves as a local
distributor of several leading manufacturers, our commitment is first and foremost to the
client and their needs. Given the variety of solutions available on offer, our experience
working with different sectors, and a computer lab operating in strict compliance with ISO
standards, we have become a preferred strategic partner in our field for many of our clients.

Industry Department

Most of the Industry Department’s activity at Tzag-Elita covers two fields: GPU-based systems, and different types of Storage-based systems. We characterize and build OEM servers and work stations for different client segments. A characterization, support and service team works alongside our clients. In addition, all systems undergo strict quality control tests before they are delivered to client sites.

Business Department

Tzag-Elita serves as a one-stop shop for a broad range of products and services geared toward business clients, including work stations, laptop computers, servers, and complementary products. We also provide top-brand desktop and laptop computers, such as Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Dell, and others.


The company imports and distributes computer-related products such as industrial casings, standard power units, motherboards, hard drives, processors, memory components, monitors, work stations, complementary devices and more. Most of these products are available for immediate deliver. Our entire logistics layout is operated using UPS services, ensuring reliable, fast delivery nationwide.

Our Lab

We operate a workstation and server assembly line, mostly done per client specifications.
We also maintain a roster of skilled technicians who are specially trained for the specific items we sell.

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